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Notice: New Domain Extensions Price Increases From Uniregistry

The registry operator, Uniregistry, has announced a number of significant price increases, taking place on September 8th, 2017 (00:00 UTC). Certain TLDs will have moderate price increases, while others will have significant hikes. Renewal prices will differ depending on the type of increase (details below). Despite these changes, we will continue to support all affected TLDs and we recommend that you adjust your end-user prices accordingly. Here’s what you can expect:

Price increases TLDNew Price SILVERNew PriceGOLDNew Price PLATINUMType of increase.CLICK$12
(currently $8)$11.50
(currently $7.50)$11
(currently $7)Moderate.LINK$12
(currently $10)$11.50
(currently $9)$11
(currently $8)Moderate.HELP$28
(currently $20)$27
(currently $18)$26
(currently $17)Moderate.PICS$28
(currently $20)$27
(currently $18)$26
(currently $17)Moderate.SEXY$40
(currently $20)$38
(currently $18)$37
(currently $17)Moderate.CHRISTMAS$50
(currently $32)$48
(currently $30)$46
(currently $28)Moderate.TATTOO$50
(currently $27)$48