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Note regarding a recent Enom service issue

Late last week, Enom experienced intermittent issues in which our customers' information changes failed to update quickly and some systems appeared to act erratically.
We want to give you a little clarity on what happened and our response since:
First, your updates are safe and our systems remained operational throughout. The issue revolved around how changes – including items like account updates, DNS updates, reports, and WHOIS data – were replicated so that they would be “visible” to you. For instance, if you purchased a domain, it may have failed to show up in your domain control panel. The domain would still be yours, however. As of now, all of your data should be current again.
Second, as you might expect, our main priority during this period was making sure your changes were visible in all our systems. This work is what made systems appear erratic at times. This focus on restoration resulted in our external communications lacking consistency across our account management, customer support, and product teams. We were less than perfect getting you timely notices, and we are addressing this internally as a top priority.
Lastly, our on-going investigation indicates the issue is completely related to the replication of data, not the information itself. We are currently reworking our data replication process to make sure that we can protect against these situations going forward.
In the end, I'm very proud of our engineering team's response and around-the-clock work to get your data back to its current status. I'm equally aware that we need to communicate more broadly and effectively should a situation like this arise in the future.
We will keep you updated this week and in the future via email, social channels (@enomsupport on Twitter), and our blog. And, as always, please reach out to your account manager or our support team with any questions.
Jason Silverstein
VP, Product & Engineering


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